Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fall Youth Group News

Youth Group News

To all the youth (grades 5+) in the congregation: youth group will be
held on Sunday nights starting September 9th with a celebration night.
Our Sunday night youth group will start at 7:00pm and end at about
9:00pm (with the exception of Sept. 9th which will run longer).
Please feel free to bring yourself and any friends that want to come
to any Sunday night group because the more people we have the better
and more fun it will be. We will be starting out taking a look at the
characteristics of God and what they mean for us. Sunday nights will
include some activities, a short study, and some snacks, along with
other special things. Please come and hang out, have some fun, and
learn about God. (P.S. we will also try and mix in a special event
night every once and a while.)

We will also be setting up some games for us to play (i.e. ultimate
Frisbee, whiffle ball, gaga ball, etc.), so please come on Sept. 9th
to discuss what we should set up and what kinds of things you might
like to do for our event nights. You can find out about the youth
group schedule via email, facebook, text, or by checking the church
web page (to be updated soon). Please let me know what works best to
reach you (my info is brysonwachter@mnmail.us, 894.6378, or friend me
on facebook). Other information and scheduling will follow in the near

Sunday School will also be starting this year on Sunday, September
16th. Would love to see you and your friends (if they want to come &
if you want to bring them) as we will be going through topics in the
Bible (like, love, forgiveness, etc) through looking at stories in the
Bible. I will be teaching.

I am looking forward to a great year with lots of fun, learning, and
growing by trying new things and exploring new information. I hope to
get to know all of you very well and hope that we can make Sunday
mornings and nights the place to be.

God Bless,
Bryson Wachter- Youth Leader